The Israel Center for

Advanced Photonics

The Israel Center for Advanced Photonics

The Israel Center for Advanced Photonics ("ICAP") provides infrastructure and know-how for development projects in the fields of optical semiconductors, optical fiber components and specialty optical fibers. The center constitutes a pivotal platform for the development of advanced photonics technologies. These technologies are critical for competing effectively in the fields of  3D printing, data centers, telecommunications, displays, renewable energies, medical devices and many others.

The concept as implemented for the first time in Israel is based on the success of similar Centers all over the world. ICAP will offer a state of the art development service to its customers based on professional teams working closely with their associates in leading academic institutions both in Israel and overseas. A strict quality management policy will guarantee predictability and results repeatability, key parameters for effective transfer of R&D to Industry.

The Center has initiated its first activities in November 2016 with the launch of fiber components and Bragg gratings design and fabrication.  

Israel Center for Advanced Photonics