About Us

The Israel Center for Advanced Photonics, ICAP, is a R&D center focused on bringing advanced photonic solutions to the industry. Its establishment has been funded by a governmental grant that allowed the procurement of advanced equipment for optical semiconductors and fibers development.

It is located in Yavne, outside Soreq NRC, and is freely accessible by all. It has the status of academic research center for grant purposes.

ICAP technological basis comprises three main supports:

  • Advanced equipment

  • Experienced staff with a high level of expertise and know-how

  • Patented technologies and patents portfolios that can be made available to the customers

ICAP operates under ISORAD Ltd, a national company.

Founding organizations

These organizations have founded ICAP but ICAP management is independent from them. They bring know-how and expertise to ICAP.

Soreq NRC

Soreq NRC is an R&D Center belonging to the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission, with more than 40 years of successful activity in the fields of Optics and Photonics. Its researchers, engineers and technicians possess a wide ranging experience gained from working on hundreds of projects, from the concept to   the final product in  a wide range of applications.

Ben-Gurion University

Ben-Gurion University is a major Israeli University, with a strong presence in the field of Optics science and technology development. The institution is growing rapidly, and is regarded as a leading authority in several critical technologies.

Israel Center for Advanced Photonics