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The Center  will have the capabilities of design, growth and characterization of epitaxial structures of  various semiconductor groups.

The epitaxial growth capabilities will include:

  • MOVPE of III/V compounds-arsenides/phosphides/antimonides 

  • MOVPE of nitride compounds

    • 2",3", 4" and 6" substrates

  • MBE of III/V compounds-arsenides/phosphides/antimonides

  • MBE of nitride compounds

    • 2",3",4" substrates

The growth systems will have  the maximum flexibility expected of R&D machines as well as the possibility of meeting pilot requirements.

The on-site characterization tools will include:

  • High resolution X ray diffraction  (HRXRD) mapping

  • Photoluminescence  (PL) mapping

  • Capacitance –Voltage (CV) profiler

  • Optical surface analyzer

A large variety of characterization tools at Soreq NRC and the Ben Gurion Nano Technology Center  will also be available. 

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