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To provide both Israeli industry and academic institutions with the most up-to-date facilities and know-how in the science  of Photonics, in order to facilitate major advancements in a wide range of critical technologies.

A Dedicated  Team

With the most comprehensive  R&D teams in the fields of optical semiconductors and fiber lasers, the Israel Center for Advanced Photonics will provide its customers and associates with cost-effective adapted solutions, and  work closely with them for the successful  developent of their technologies and  products.

From one time service to turn key projects

Our teams will support their customers at all levels, whether for a one-time order of a special Bragg grating, or full development of a new optoelectronic device. We will offer collaboration with other development groups, if necessary as a prime contractor,  and provide consulting services to assist our customers to optimize their  technological solutions.

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