Semiconductor Epitaxy Facility

The Center has the capabilities of design, epitaxial growth and characterization of advanced semiconductor wafer products, such as: Photonic devices (Emitters, Detectors, LEDs, VCSELs etc.), Infrared devices, Solar devices, Power devices (e.g. GaN based)

The epitaxial growth and regrowth (e.g regrowths over patterned wafers) capabilities include:

The on-site characterization tools include:

  • High resolution X ray diffraction  (HRXRD) mapping (including reciprocal maps, triple axis analyzer and simulation tools)

  • Photoluminescence  (PL) mapping (range from UV to MIR)

  • Capacitance –Voltage (CV) profiler

A large variety of characterization tools at Soreq NRC and the Ben Gurion Nano Technology Center are also available. 

Supporting equipment: 

  • X-ray

  • CV Profiler

  • Photoluminescence mapping system

Israel Center for Advanced Photonics