The Team

Ronen Cohen, Director of Operations

Bruno Sfez, Scientific and Economic Development

Bruno graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris,  France,  and holds a PhD from Paris 11 University (Orsay) and an MBA  from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After working a number of years at France Telecom Laboratories, he joined Soreq NRC in 1996. His fields of interest include medical imaging, photonic crystals, guided and integrated optics, and optical semiconductors. He has authored and co-authored more than 65 refeered papers and 14 patents. Since 2010 he has been leading  business development activities at Soreq NRC, and is developing the scientific and commercial ecosystem for the Photonics Center. 

Erez Golan, Projects integration

Dr Golan holds BSc. & MSc. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering, a BSc. degree in Physics  and an MBA degree, all from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He subsequently earned his  PhD in Nano Economic, Science and Engineering from  Albany State University of New York.

Erez has extensive knowledge  in multidisciplinary nanotechnology fields with vast experience in the semiconductor industry, including all aspects of  nanotechnology roadmap, yield, nanomanufacturing, productivity, business planning, marketing, strategy and financial analysis along with  experience gained during 10 years of overseas relocation, 5 years in North America & 5 years in APAC.

Ariel Bruner, Director of the Optical Fiber Pole

Ariel received her B.Sc. in Physics and B.Sc. in Materials Engineering from Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva and graduated with M.Sc and Ph.D. degrees from the Electrical Engineering Department, Tel-Aviv University. She has conducted research in the area of Silica-doped waveguides, hollow core photonic bandgap waveguides, Non-linear optical devices for frequency conversion (OPGaAs waveguides, PPKTP, PPSLT) and transparent Ceramics for High Power Lasers. Additionally, Ariel has experience in frequency stabilization of lasers and high resolution spectroscopy. Since 2015 she has been leading the Specialty Fiber group at ICAP, focusing on the development of specialty optical fibers based on silica for high power lasers and other industrial applications.

Yoav Sintov, Chief Scientist, Optical Fiber Pole

Yoav received his B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Physics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He  headed   the lasers department of the Applied Physics Division in Soreq NRC from 2009-2014. His major field of research is the development of high energy and high average power pulsed and CW fiber lasers and associated components, employing specialty fiber configurations and pump sources. Yoav has been working with the laser industry both in Israel and overseas since 1996, and developed many concepts, components and laser systems that later became successful commercial products. Yoav has published around 22 refereed journal papers, 21 conference proceeding papers and 8 patents.

Amy Ishaaya, Head of the Bragg Laboratory

Ariel Sher, Head of the Semiconductor Epitaxy Pole

Gabby Sarusi, Chief Scientist, Semiconductor Epitaxy Pole

Prof. Gabby Sarusi has been a faculty member of the Electro- Optic department in the Faculty of Engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev since 2012, and is a member the Nano- Science Institute. His main areas of research include quantum structure infrared photodetectors, band-gap engineering, thermal energy harvesting, and very high sensitivity biosensors. He is currently leading a 7.5M$ program aiming to develop miniature SWIR night vision glasses based on nano-photonics technologies.

Prior to his academic carrier, Prof. Sarusi held several executive positions at the El- Op division of Elbit Systems Ltd  where he was V.P.   of the Space and Air Imagery Intelligence Division, and V.P. - Chief Scientist and Head of Thermal Vision Systems Development.

 Prof. Sarusi holds a double B.Sc. with honors in Nuclear Engineering and in Materials Science, and M.Sc. with honors and Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University in Physical-Electronics Engineering. He did his post doctorate at AT&T Bell Labs. Murray-Hill N.J. and in NASA-JPL, Pasadena CA.

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